History & Innovation

Cheeseland’s Dutch Girl, Willeke, is on location in The Netherlands in the town where it all started. Cheeseland’s owner and inventor Mr. Jan Kos, (Willeke’s uncle), was born in Huizen long before he started bringing great cheeses to the rest of the world. Willeke is modeling for Cheesland’s History and Innovation ad. Cheeseland’s Kokos® cheese recently won the Grand Prize award at SIAL for the most Innovative product. This got us here at Cheeseland thinking about what makes Dutch cheese great, and what makes Cheeseland’s cheeses so special.

Holland is known for its local icons of tulips, windmills, pretty Dutch girls, and of course a long tradition of making and selling the most excellent Gouda cheeses. The Netherlands are full of tradition, women young and old wearing traditional costumes in many small towns especially for church. When you visit the Netherlands, you will walk down cobbled roads and see windmills smattering the countryside, alongside the beautiful houses with straw roofs and tulip fields. Some Dutch traditions are part of what makes Gouda cheeses taste as good as they do.

Did you know that the grazing animals in Holland’s spend their days outdoors all through the warmer seasons. They are grass fed, grass grazing and only go inside on those cold winter days. Did you know Holland has special soil, especially in the North where the land is full of rich and fertile nutrients from the surrounding sea. Much of the farmland there are on old sea beds where nutritious herbs grow naturally flavoring that creamy milk.

Did you ever think about windmills? Alternative natural energy scattered around Holland making landmarks throughout the country. So Innovation is not new in the Netherlands. As a matter of fact, as you can see from their windmills, there is a Tradition of Innovation! …And that brings us back around to Cheeseland. This cheese company is on the forefront of creating new and never yet tasted cheeses. How is that possible you might say? Take a look at the Kokos® Cheese, or better yet, taste some. It harnesses the creamy goodness of Dutch Gooda® at its finest with a delightful amount of organic coconut cream. Just enough coconut cream to add flavor and scent to an already delightfully creamy Gooda®. If you like Gouda, and you like coconuts — this cheese is indeed one to try and fall in love with.

Kokos® is not the only invention made by Cheeseland. Did you know they created Gooda®? Yup, Gooda® is Gouda, said the American way. The cheese maker adds extra cream to the recipe, for an extra creamy, extra smooth, delightfully NEW Gouda style cheese.

Cant take any more, getting hungry for the greatness? Well, here is one to taste. Ewephoria®, a 100% pure sheep’s milk cheese. Surprisingly sweet, nutty, creamy, the flakes of aged cheese will melt in your mouth giving you some of what its name references – A ewephoric experience. Ewephoria® has a mature and an extra aged version, different from any sheeps milk cheese you may find.

But there is an announcement on the wing. There are two NEW Cheeseland cheeses hitting the world market. FOURMAGE® a mixed milk cheese and Seaweed Gooda®. They are coming your way so be prepared for a symphony of flavor. Fourmage® is made up of four, yes 4, different types of milk. It harnesses the goodness of Gooda® while combining sheep’s milk, goat’s milk, cow’s milk AND water buffalo milk. So get your tastebuds prepared, they are in for another meltdown.

New Seaweed Gooda® is a simple creation using the goodness of traditional Gouda and adding that naturally salty and healthy seaweed to it. You may think you have tasted something like this before but chances are slim that you have treated yourself to anything of its kind.

And for the Asian market, Cheeseland is now offering Durian cheese. Yes, thats right, they have taken the “Stinky Cheese” to a brand new level. For those of you out there brave enough to eat Durian, And love it, Dare to try this one of a kind Gooda® …made again by yours truly at Cheeseland.

Out of the long history of excellence comes Innovation.