Ewephoria® Aged – Sheep’s Milk Cheese

The Holiday Gouda

Ewephoria® Aged has been nominated as our holiday cheese of choice. This delicious 100% Sheep’s milk cheese has everything. Ewephoria® is aged over a year, but fairly mild for an aged cheese. It’s flavorful, sweet and nutty. The milk that makes the cheese comes from a small farm where the sheep are treated like family. The owners admit that their sheep often eat better than their own children. You may have guessed that the source of milk for any cheese, affects the quality. Ewephoria® Aged comes from a delightful farm in Holland, the milk is sourced from perhaps the happiest sheep in the world.

Let your mouth sing with joy this holiday as Ewephoria® melts your palate. Ewephoria® Aged has been voted a favorite by chefs, restaurants and cheesemongers around the world. Ewephoria® will round out your holiday cheese platter and is also a delight on an after dinner dessert tray. Pair it with red or green grapes.

Ask where you can find Ewephoria® at your local grocery store or the closest cheesemonger. Visit Cheeseland Inc.’s website to find the closest store near you. Go to the Cheeseland Inc. website to learn more about Ewephoria® Aged and all the other Cheeseland cheeses.

Watch this video for a simple and delightful way to serve Ewephoria® Aged at your next social gathering.