KoKos® Coconut Cheese Wins Grand Prize at SIAL

KoKos® Coconut Cheese, an invention of Cheeseland Inc. won the grand prize at the SIAL Innovation Awards Ceremony, 2015. The Salon Internation de l’Agroalimentaire or SIAL ASEAN was hosted June 17-19, 2015 in the Philippines. SIAL announced KoKos® Coconut Cheese as the grand prize winner for its original and unique recipe combination.

This product stood out for its unique use of organic coconut cream, rarely found in a cheese product. The coconut milk combined with a creamy Dutch Gouda, results in an outstanding yet simple product makes a wonderful snack and can be added to recipes to ad a unique and delicious flavor.

KoKos® Coconut Cheese tastefully combines heritage and modern innovation. It infuses familiar native ingredients into a modern concept bringing something unique and exciting into the global food market.

KoKos® Coconut Cheese receives positive reviews from cheese lovers around the world. This international award recognizes our product for its uniqueness and ingenuity in all of the food markets.

Cheeseland Inc. is honored to receive this award and encourages cheese enthusiast to keep on the lookout for more new and innovative products soon to be revealed by Cheeseland Inc.

June, 2015

Cheeseland Inc. Seattle Wa 98122

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KoKos® Coconut Cheese Wins Grand Prize at SIAL