Sharing Cheese Cheese Discoveries from Around the World

Jan Kos, owner of Cheeseland continues to share his cheese tasting experience from around the world. Remember that wonderful Goat cheese Jan tasted from the lush tropical forests of the Philippines. He reached out to Gordon Edgar to see what he thought. Mark our Seattle sales rep wrote…

Hi Gordon,
The owner of Cheeseland just came back from visiting a German owned goat farm and cheese plant located on one of the tropical islands of the Philippines The goats are bred to thrive in this warmer and more humid climate. They eat an unusual rich lush mix of greens. Their milk is very rich and this enables the cheese maker to make a variety of some amazing goat cheeses. If you are interested in tasting one of their cheeses I can send you some. Let me know. The earlier the better.
Due to logistical challenges we can’t import them but I think it is worth it to try it just to get an idea what happens on the other side of our cheese world.
Thank you,

And what did he think…dun da dunn….

This is amazing cheese. Thanks so much!  I wish we could buy it.

Gordon Edgar
Cheese Buyer
Rainbow Grocery Cooperative
1745 Folsom St.
San Francisco, CA 94103


This first photo is of one of Gordon’s books. The second two photos are George Bender in the Philippines and that amazing raw, organic goats milk cheese.