Truffe Noire

  • Truffe Noire®
  • Ham cold cuts
  • Your favorite toppings (cherry tomatoes, olives, bell-peppers, gherkins etc.)
  • Toothpicks

  • 1. Take Truffe Noire® out of the refrigerator so it is easy to slice.

    2. Put an even thin coat of sliced Truffe Noire® over two pieces of ham.

    3. Tightly roll up the ham and Truffe Noire®.

    4. While rolling, skewer the roll in place with toothpicks.

    5. With a sharp knife cut in-between the toothpicks, creating smaller rolls.

    6. Pick your favorite toppings, skewer several toppings onto the toothpick.

    7. Skewer the small ham and cheese roll last.

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