Two Sisters® Rosalina®
Two Sisters® Rosalina®

Two Sisters® Rosalina®
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Two Sisters® Rosalina®

Spaghetti a la Rosalina®
Two Sisters® Rosalina®

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Special Aged Cheese

Two Sisters® Rosalina®

Same cheese as the Isabella except aged 6 months longer. This cheese has developed a sweet butterscotch-like flavor, nutty and salty, with more crunches than the Isabella. The cheese is hard, but softens quickly in your mouth. It is rich and satisfying and a perfect cheese for sharing among friends. It pairs very well with a deep dark red wine.

Ingredients & Nutrition Facts
Ingredients: Pasturized cow's milk, salt, cheese cultures and animal rennet.
Nutrition Facts:
Servings per container varies:
Serving Size 1oz (28g)
Calories 120
% Daily Value*

Total Fat 9g 12%
Saturated Fat 6g 28%

Trans Fat 0g 0%

Cholesterol 30mg 10%
Sodium 160mg7%
Total carbohydrate 00%
Dietary Fiber 0g0%

Total Sugars 0g

Included 0g Added Sugars

Protein 9g18%
Vitamin D0%
Calcium 249mg20%
Potassium 21mg0%
*The Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a serving of food contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories is used for general nutrition advice.
Download the full nutritional spec sheet here:  

Spaghetti a la Rosalina®

With Winter Roasted Vegetables Brussels Sprouts, Baked Squash

  • 1 lb (1/2 kg) Fusili Pasta
  • 1 large handful of grated Rosalina® Cheese
  • 1/2 lb (1/4 kg) Brussels Sprouts trimmed and quartered
  • Medium-sized Squash (Delicata or Butternut) peeled and sliced into bite-sized pieces
  • A large spoonful of Terragon, coarsely chopped 
  • 1/4 cup (2 oz) olive oil
  • Salt and Pepper

    1. Pre-heat oven to 350° F or 177° C.
    2. Roast the squash on a oiled sheet for 20 minutes until tender
    3. While squash is baking, cook pasta according to package directions, drain and drizzle with oil, keep warm
    4. Sauté Brussel Sprouts with a dash of oil for two minutes, add a few tablespoons of water, and let steam while covered with heat off
    5. Toss pasta with sautéd Brussels Sprouts, add the roasted squash and grated cheese with a little more oil as necessary, 
    6. Salt and Pepper to taste, serve warm.

    Serving Suggestions

    Appetizer & Main Course

    The very best way to enjoy Rosalina® is to serve it simply, as a stunning and memorable party appetizer. Cut it into small cubes and serve it with your favorite spreads.

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